SafeEdge cam Lite V1

SafeEdge cam Lite V1

Get started with this complete and ready-to-run SafeEdge camera lite v1. It comes with  latest Raspberry Pi W2 programmable computer, which will run all of the applications seen in our usecase video only on optical camera.


This variant is mostly recommended for customers with home/farm security needs.

For B2B customer , we will mix and match with variants for best deals. We create master and slave device strategies.  



  • Raspberry pi zero W2 programmable computer.
  • 32 GB Ultra MicroSDXC, all software pre-installed, ready-to-run
  • Arducam 16MP AF optical Camera Module.
  • Motion sensor module (Non thermal camera variant).
  • Interchangeable sensor modules.
  • Flipable optical camera.
  • Inbuilt speaker & Microphones.
  • Emergency RGB LED light.
  • Inbuilt removable 1200mah lipo battery.
  • Voltage regulator circuits. 
  • Current surge protection circuits.
  • Battery overcharge protection circuits.
  • Real-time clock.
  • Bluetooth & WIFI functionalities.



  • Smart data storage & prioritise data based on scene analytics . 

  • Data storage & processing on Camera.

  • Remote PC login functionality.

  •  Amazon Alexa Voice Service, Google Assistant.

  • People face detection & mask detection.

  • Anomaly activity detection like people fall down , not moving, running etc. ( other patient monitoring usecases)

  • Multi camera live streaming & IOT live data plots. (Web, Mobile and Windows applications ).



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