SafeEdge cam Combo 6 camera

SafeEdge cam Combo 6 camera

Our 6-camera combo will have a mixture of pro plus, pro, and lite variants (2 each) to build a robust yet very useful camera combo. Pro cameras can be installed outdoor and lite cameras can be safely installed indoors. 


This variant is mostly recommended for home security or customers with big retail shops, production plants, gyms, shopping malls, Airports & railway stations,  parking slots,  entertainment halls, convention centers, villas, and hospitals to maintain customer privacy, health, and business security.


This variant is mostly recommended for customers with big retail stores/shopping centres/ production plant security needs.



  • Raspberry pi zero W2 programmable computer.
  • On-chip google EdgeTPU Accelarator.
  • 128 GB Ultra MicroSDXC, all software pre-installed, ready-to-run
  • Arducam 16MP AF optical Camera Module.
  • Pro vertion V2 features FLIR thermal SENSOR (lepton 3.5).
  • Interchangeable sensor modules.
  • Rotatable thermal camera, flipable optical camera.
  • Inbuilt speaker & Microphones.
  • Emergency RGB LED light.
  • Inbuilt removable 1200mah lipo battery.
  • Voltage regulator circuits. 
  • Current surge protection circuits.
  • Battery overcharge protection circuits.
  • Real-time clock.
  • Bluetooth & WIFI functionalities.



  • Smart Stream Switch protects the privacy of users. 

  • Robust low light security using a thermal camera.

  • Smart data storage & prioritize data based on scene analytics..

  • Data storage & processing on Camera.

  • Remote PC login functionality.

  • Kids & Pets monitoring.

  •  Amazon Alexa Voice Service, Google Assistant.

  • Custom Train & deploy AI algorithms on edgeTPU. 

  • People face detection & mask detection.

  • Anomaly activity detection like people fall down , not moving, running etc. ( other patient monitoring usecases)

  • Left over Item detection & grouping (other public places security monitoring usecases) .

  • Per camera heatmap generation for retail usecase.

  • People, room and appliance temperature monitoring.

  • Fire, smoke, unusual temperature changes detection and alert.

  • Multi camera live streaming & IOT live data plots. (Web, Mobile and Windows applications ).


Or Driver/ passenger health analytics,  ADAS features for DASHCAM usecase. Please contact for more details . 



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