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SafeEdge AI camera lite

SafeEdge AI camera lite

Safe Edge AI camera Lite includes,

Raspberry Pi Zero 2w.

ARDU 16mp AF Sensor.

Camera Cables.

Quality enclosure. 


Just as small. Five times as fast. At the heart of Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W is RP3A0, a custom-built system-in-package designed by Raspberry Pi in the UK. With a quad-core 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 processor clocked at 1GHz and 512MB of SDRAM, Zero 2 is up to five times as fast as the original Raspberry Pi Zero.


Wireless LAN is built in to a shielded enclosure with improved RF compliance, giving you more flexibility when designing with Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W.

All in the same tiny 65mm × 30mm form factor.

Camera Kit includes,

Pi zero 2W (Linux computer)

16MP  camera Autofocus (Sony IMX519)

Back-illuminated sensor

1.22 µm × 1.22 µm pixel size

7.103 mm diagonal (Type 1/2.534)

Output: RAW10/8,COMP8

Lens: IR cut filter:

Autofocus, f/1.75 EFL: 4.28

FoV: 80°

Focus Range: 10 cm ~ infinite Integrated

Including Casing


We can custom-add different sensors as per the customer's requirement.


AI software: A Raspberry Pi Zero 2 64-bit OS Bullseye with OpenCV, TensorFlow Lite, and ncnn .  We provide access to our OS Images that can be downloaded and flashed to SDcard in 10 minutes. 


** A common benchmark wrapper for Yolo v5, v7, mobile net v1,v2,  nanodet, Unet v2, and all optimal quantized tflite models.

**Recorder with 24/7 video recording and old video deletion on reach memory card limit.

** 24/7 Streaming application with probvision mobile application for multi-camera streaming.

** Desktop Remote connection application and instructions to connect the camera remotely to your mobile phone and laptop/PC.

** People detection, vehicle detection, and counting applications.

** People face detection applications

** We will also add some open-source projects loaded for further experiments.

ProBvision private git repository access for further collaboration.


** We will also provide one hour one to one training / brainstorm session. 

The camera can be upgraded easily for future designs with an inbuilt battery, audio circuits, AI accelerator, and 4g/LTE/GPS hat with an updated quality waterproof industry-grade case by just paying a difference amount between variants.


Dispatch In 3 days after order.

Delivery time is approximately 2 days in Ireland, 5 days with in Europe, and a maximum of up to 10 days for other countries.  

    €129.00 Regular Price
    €119.00Sale Price
    Price Options
    SEdge virtualAI Cam
    For Sudent Projects
    €9.99every month until canceled
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