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Customers who pre-order will have priority delivery in the same order of booking.We will be manufacturing 50 cameras per day and will collect money from customers only before the day of delivery. Customers can also opt for a monthly rental model (12 months) for a camera before buying our product. We customize sensors and battery sizes as per customer requirements at the time of payment. Place your preorder today !!!!.


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Safepro AI PIN Lite, the world’s first wearable serverless edge AI camera and portable computer with dual sensors (16MP optical sensor and optional thermal), over 10+ hours of battery life, up to 512GB sd card storage, weighing under 100g, can obviate the need for carrying action cameras, laptops, and mobile phones during travel while delivering advanced AI road safety applications that generate proactive emergency voice alerts and offer a 4G SIM facility for automated SMS and calling.



  • Raspberry pi zero W or W2 programmable computer.
  • 256GB Ultra MicroSDXC, all software pre-installed, ready-to-run
  • 16MP AF sony optical sensor module can be upgradable (64MP , 108MP, Depth sensor).
  • FLIR Lepton2.5/3.5/3.0/FS/MLX90640/AMG8833 (Optional)
  • Interchangeable sensor modules.
  • Inbuilt speaker & Microphones.
  • Emergency RGB LED light.
  • Inbuilt rechargeable and removable 1200mah lipo battery (can be upgraded upto 4000mah /8000mah).
  • Voltage regulator circuits.
  • Current surge protection circuits.
  • Battery overcharge protection circuits.
  • Real-time clock.
  • Bluetooth & and WIFI functionalities.
  • Using HDMI can connect to the display.
  • Waterproof IP67 casing with physical digit safe lock or fingerprint lock as an additional accessory.
  • 4G/LTE call/SMS/GPS functionality as an accessory.



  • Enhanced Safety: Real-time monitoring for riders and their surroundings.
  • Anti-Theft Features: Integrated security measures for added protection.
  • Recording Capabilities: Capture and review rides for safety and enjoyment.
  • Real-Time Alerts: Integration to WhatsApp/SMS/CALL for emergency alerts with GPS location of incident.
  • Smart streaming: The first camera is World which provides an option to control streaming from Whatsapp/SMS messages by simple English-like commands.
  • Hack-free camera: The edge AI camera only connects to the internet while reporting a real-time observed emergency and disables the internet which makes it hard to hack. Users can always send SMS messages to enable the internet and get access to Steam at their will at their wish anytime.
  • Outdoor AI functionalities: Road safety applications include pothole detection, illegal pedestrian crossing detection, rear collision avoidance features, owner identification, and automated accident alerts.
  • Indoor AI functionalities: Optional indoor thermal camera applications added based on customer requirements include, People/room/appliance temperature monitor. Vulnerable People fall/graceful recovery detection (For elders/kids/physically challenged) and early fire/smoke detection and alerts.


It is an opportunity to own a universally designed wearable camera and portable computer to experience power-efficient AI functionalities for both indoor and outdoor applications.


As a tech enthusiast, we thought you'd be interested in being among the first to experience the future of personal safety. Preorder now FREE and secure your innovative wearable that ensures real-time security, health insights, and enhanced road safety.


Upon accumulating 50+ camera orders from your country, One of our team members will visit your location to provide a hands-on demonstration of the camera's features before freezing sale. We value your feedback and believe this firsthand experience will showcase the potential benefits. we extend a special offer for your organization for corporate gifts. We invite you to share information about our cameras within your circles, as we believe in the power of collective interest.


Our team is also presenting a transformative proposal that aligns with the future of two-wheelers – the integration of cutting-edge cameras directly into electric vehicles (EVs) and motorbikes for road safety applications that potentially save many lives on road.


** Customers can select 4G/LTE/SIM for 49€ extra and water proof ip67 case with physical lock for additional 49€.

** Customer can easily buy and assemble thermal sensors on their own to enable thermal-based AI analytics features. The camera is designed modular to upgrade sensors at any time in the future.

** Shipping cost will be an additional 29€ for worldwide.

** No additional subscription for the device (one-time buy).

    €179.00 Regular Price
    €99.00Sale Price
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