SafeEdge cam Lite V2

SafeEdge cam Lite V2

Get started with this complete and ready-to-run SafeEdge camera lite V2. It comes with the latest Raspberry Pi W2 programmable computer with On-chip google EdgeTPU Accelerator, which will run all of the applications seen in our use-case video and future free software updates.


This variant is mostly recommended for customers with small retail shops, hotels,  hospitals to maintain health & security compliance.

For B2B customers with multiple camera needs , we will mix and match with variants for best deals. We create master and slave device strategies.  



  • Raspberry pi zero W2 programmable computer.
  • On-chip google EdgeTPU Accelarator.
  • 32 GB Ultra MicroSDXC, all software pre-installed, ready-to-run
  • Arducam 16MP AF optical Camera Module.
  • Motion sensor module (Non thermal camera variant).
  • Interchangeable sensor modules.
  • Flipable optical camera.
  • Inbuilt speaker & Microphones.
  • Emergency RGB LED light.
  • Inbuilt removable 1200mah lipo battery.
  • Voltage regulator circuits. 
  • Current surge protection circuits.
  • Battery overcharge protection circuits.
  • Real-time clock.
  • Bluetooth & WIFI functionalities.



  • Smart data storage & prioritise data based on scene analytics.

  • Data storage & processing on Camera.

  • Remote login functionality.

  • People face detection & mask detection.

  • Social distance monitoring

  • Anomaly activity detection like people fall down , not moving, running etc. ( other patient monitoring usecases)

  • Left over Item detection & grouping detection (other public places security monitoring usecases) .

  •  Amazon Alexa Voice Service, Google Assistant.

  • Custom Train & deploy AI algorithms on edgeTPU. 

  • Fire detection and alert.

  • Multi camera live streaming & IOT live data plots. (Web, Mobile and Windows applications ).



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