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SafeEdgeTPU HAT includes


​SafeEdgeHat is a custom PCB HAT designed for single-board computers and is compatible with all Raspberry Pi boards, Odroid C4, Rock Pi 4 Model C, ASUS thinker board, Banana Pi boards, and other SBC's with 40 GPIO pins. We connect SBC through microUSB.

SafeEdgeHat can be connected via USB to any system running Debian Linux, macOS, or Windows 10.

SafeEdgeHat includes an onboard Edge TPU coprocessor that is capable of performing 4 trillion operations (tera-operations) per second (TOPS), using 0.5 watts for each TOPS (2 TOPS per watt). For example, it can execute state-of-the-art mobile vision models such as MobileNet v2 at almost 400 FPS, in a power-efficient manner. 

  • SafeEdgeHat also includes other features like ,

  • Inbuilt speaker & Microphones.

  • An inbuilt lipo battery charging circuit.

  • Voltage regulator circuits. 

  • Current surge protection circuits.

  • Battery overcharge protection circuits.

  • Real-time clock.

  • USB hub which with two micro USB slots.

Lego GPIO pin groups includes,

  • Emergency RGB LED light GPIO pin group.

  • Stepper motor pin group

  • Thermal sensor GPIO pin group (at least 4 types of thermal sensors can be integrated)

  • Fan GPIO pins group

  • Motion sensor GPIO pin group

SafeEdge Security Camera


Hardware Features includes


Worlds Smallest bispectral IP camera includes,

  • Raspberry pi zero W2 programmable computer

  • On-chip google EdgeTPU Accelarator

  • Flir Lepton 3.5 thermal camera.

  • Arducam 16MP AF optical Camera Module.

  • Interchangeable sensor modules.

  • Rotatable thermal camera.

  • Flippable optical camera.

  • Inbuilt speaker & Microphones.

  • Emergency RGB LED light.

  • Inbuilt removable 1200mah lipo battery.

  • Voltage regulator circuits. 

  • Current surge protection circuits.

  • Battery overcharge protection circuits.

  • Real-time clock.

  • Bluetooth & WIFI functionalities.

** Patent pending Camera designs 

** Industrial variant use raspberry pi compute module 4 with custom IO boards. 

** Sim Card, Floodlight and solar charging features can be added based on Demand

​** We customise the camera as per customer requirements and budget. 

Software Features includes

  • Smart Stream Switch protects the privacy of users. 

  • Robust low light security using a thermal camera.

  • Smart data storage & priority based on human detection and analytics.

  • Data storage & processing on Camera.

  • Remote PC login functionality.

  • Kids & Pets monitoring.

  • Custom Train & deploy AI algorithms on edgeTPU. 

  • Anomaly activity detection like people fall down, not moving, running, etc. ( other patient monitoring use-cases)

  • Leftover Item detection & grouping (other public places security monitoring use cases).

  • Per camera heatmap generation for the retail use case.

  • People, room and appliance temperature monitoring, and automation to save energy.

  • Fire, smoke, detect region with unusual temperature changes over time and alert.

  •  Amazon Alexa Voice Service, Google Assistant, or two-way audio communication (walkie-talkie).

  • Multi-camera live streaming & IOT live data plots. (Web, Mobile, and Windows applications )

A portable camera that can be switched to Dashcam mode for driver skill Analytics, driver health analytics and, ADAS features and other patent-pending use cases. 


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