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  • Professional 24/7 Home & business Protection,

  • Robust Low Light Security with Thermal Sensors,

  • Non-Invasive Elderly People's Fall detection, and Health Monitoring,

  • Early fire, Smoke Detection, and other Emergency Monitoring,

  • Building Insulation Check, Mould Detect, and Energy Automation,

  • Hack-Proof Camera with Privacy Protection Modes, 

  • WhatsApp/Email/Text Emergency Alerts,

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Welcome To Provision

​Probvision ltd is an award-winning designer and manufacturer of the most power-efficient safe edge AI security camera and eco-friendly sustainable security solution providers from Ireland.

Eco-friendly Security Solutions

Here's are some of ways our security systems are more ecofriendly


Travel security companion

Battery-powered portable AI camera with industry-grade protection circuits.



 Cable-free installation means less harm to eco-system.


Best rural security camera

AI-based real-time optimal internet usage and works without internet.


Thermal security camera

Robust low light security, home energy and emergency monitoring.


Mini AI computer with support up to 1TB storage

No need of additional DVR/NVR storage.


Support sustainable

Solar charging for outdoor cameras.


Power Efficient AI

3-4 times more power-efficient edge AI camera compare to competitors.


20+ sensor support 

Worlds first multi-sensor, modular and upgradable edge AI camera.


Edge computing technology 

Server less Edge computing technology that process and securely stores data within the camera without need of remote cloud services.

 World's Smallest Edge AI
   Security camera  

Safe Edge camera is world's most power efficient pocketsize security camera includes,


  • Raspberry pi zero W2 reprogrammable computer.

  • On-chip Google EdgeTPU AI Accelerator.

  • Flir Lepton thermal Sensor.

  • Sony 16MP optical Camera Sensor.

  • Inbuilt speaker & Microphones.

  • Emergency RGB LED light.

  • Inbuilt removable lipo battery.

  • Bluetooth & WIFI functionalities.

  • Inbuilt SDcard storage up to 1TB.

  • 20+ additional easy upgradable sensor modules.

  • Sim Card, Floodlight and solar charging as accessories.

** We customize the camera as per customer requirements and budget. 

Smart Security

Intelligent Security Monitoring Features Includes,

  • Robust low-light security using thermal sensor.

  • Kids & Pets monitoring.

  • Monitoring regularly used Assets.

  • Intruder detection and trespassing detection.

  • Anomaly activity detection like people running, grouping, crawling, wearing masks/helmets, and carrying assets.

  • Leftover Item detection.


Elderly People Health Monitoring 

   Health Monitoring Features Include,

  • People fall/recovery detection. 

  • People passive detection.

  • People continues monitoring.

  • People hourly/daily activity monitoring to improve lifestyle.

  • Set regular target reminders to improve lifestyle.



 Building Emergency Monitoring and Energy Automation         Features Includes,

  • People, room and appliance temperature monitoring, and automation to save energy.

  • Fire, and smoke, detect regions with unusual temperature changes over time and alert.

  • Building weak insulation and Mold formation alerts.

  • Electric vehicle charge station monitoring.

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Cyber Security Features

Cyber Security Hack Free Camera Features Includes,

  • UFW firewall to protect the device from the network's incoming and outgoing traffic based on predetermined security rules.

  • Realtime data storage & processing on Camera.

  • Camera can work without internet by enabling only audio alerts.

  • Smart Stream Feature: AI based OFF/ON internet and streaming to protects the privacy of users. 

  • Thermal camera streaming mode selection to conceal identity.

  • Smart organized data storage and priority based on human activity analytics.

  • Our product changes the device password daily or weekly and shares the password with the registered WhatsApp number. 

SmaRT security features


User Interaction applications Includes,

  • Camera configuration using simple WhatsApp commands.

  • Camera sends text, image, video evidence message on observing emergencies 

  •  Amazon Alexa Voice Service, Google Assistant can be enabled from WhatsApp command.

  • Multi-camera live streaming & IOT live data plots. (Web, Mobile, and Windows applications)


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